This course aims to cultivate preservice teachers’ (PTs) pedagogical knowledge in IB education with an emphasis on the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum framework and IB standards for schools. As learning is “a social event [that] requires interaction with multiple individuals, including peers” (Dawley, 2007), PTs will explore the conditions for cultivating student inquiry through case study, interactive, and direct instruction. In the process of using concept-based teaching and learning models of instruction, PTs will:

  • construct meaningful inquiries using key and related concepts that combine with global contexts (facts, skills, conceptual understanding) to form a statement of inquiry and address subject group objectives;
  • plan appropriate formative and summative assessments that take up factual, conceptual, and debatable inquiry questions; and
  • apply engaging approaches to learning (ATL) in the classroom as part of role playing and simulations.

Strategies to advise and supervise MYP students to participate in service and action and complete a personal (or community) project are also discussed in class. Over the course of the 18 topics of study delivered in a combination of online dialogues/blogs and face-to-face class interactions at NTNU, PTs are required to examine IB publications, collaborate with peers, consider multiple perspectives, and demonstrate their understanding of the MYP principles and practice through small group presentations and individual written reflection papers.